Research in Briefs

As independent research projects, faculty and graduate students in UNLV's Department of Criminal Justice write research reports on major issues in criminal justice in Nevada and in the nation. These "Research in Briefs" (formerly known as "State Data Briefs") are modeled after the Bureau of Justice Statistics' Special Reports and Bulletins; and provide statistical summaries of various criminal justice system practices in Nevada over time, highlight differences between Nevada and other states, or focus on issues of national importance. These reports cover all aspects of the criminal justice system, including trends in crime and arrests, police practices, prosecution and pretrial activities, adjudication and sentencing, and corrections.

The Research in Briefs are short in length (4-8 pages), provide graphs and charts of statewide and national patterns, and are written in an easily readable, non-technical style. They are designed to provide members of the general public, local officials, community organizations, and media outlets a concise and objective statistical profile of current criminal justice practices in Nevada and in the nation, that may serve as a foundation for informed discussions of future crime control policies and practices. The Research in Briefs are organized below, based on the sequence of events in the criminal justice system.

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)

Public Attitudes about Aerial Drone Activities: Results of a National Survey  

Aerial Drones, Domestic Surveillance, and Public Opinion of Adults in the United States  

School Violence Prevention

School Violence Prevention in Nevada  

Reports to Sponsors

Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program
in Nevada, 2005-10

The Impact of Foreclosures on Neighborhood
Crime in Nevada, 2006-09

Entry into the system

Arrest-Related Deaths in Nevada, 2009-11  

Arson Trends in Nevada, 1997-2006

Auto Theft in Nevada, 1994-2008

Burglary Trends in Nevada, 1990-2007

Clearance Rates in Nevada, 1998-2009

Criminal Victimization in Nevada, 2011  

Criminal Victimization in Nevada, 2008

Rape and other Sex Offenses in Nevada, 1990-2007

Patterns in School Violence in Nevada

Prosecution and Pretrial Services


Communication Intercepts Authorized
in Nevada, 1997-2008

Sentencing and Sanctions

Capital Punishment in Nevada, 1977-2008


Deaths in Custody in Nevada, 2001-2006

For more information about the State Data Briefs, please contact the State Data Briefs Project Coordinator, Terry Miethe, Ph.D..